Al-takmeleya District - South of Suez Road

South Suez Area is one of the distinguished residential and investment destinations in New Cairo

Al-takmeleya District - South of Suez Road

Al-takmeleya District
Comprehensive Guide to Al-takmeleya District - South of Suez Road - Fifth Settlement:

Here is all the information you need about Al-takmeleya District.

South Suez Area is one of the distinguished residential and investment destinations in New Cairo. The area stands out with its strategic location and numerous amenities, providing an unparalleled residential experience for its residents. South Suez Area combines comfort, luxury, and modern design to offer an ideal investment and residential opportunity.

Moreover, the area enjoys a prime location with easy access to vital areas, commercial centers, and entertainment facilities in Fifth Settlement and the entire Cairo. It is surrounded by a variety of services and facilities such as schools, hospitals, restaurants, and shopping centers, ensuring easy access to the daily needs of residents.

In addition to its attractive design, South Suez Area features luxurious residential units of various sizes that cater to the needs of different individuals and families.

Furthermore, in addition to its appealing design and strategic location, South Suez Area places great importance on security. It is equipped with advanced security systems and 24/7 surveillance, providing a safe and secure environment for residents and their families.

Features of the South Suez Al-takmeleya District in Fifth Settlement

Al-takmeleya District is one of the distinctive areas in the Fifth Settlement in New Cairo, Egypt. This area boasts many features that make it a residential destination for individuals and families.

Al-takmeleya District has been carefully designed to meet the needs and preferences of its residents, providing a comfortable and integrated living experience.

One of the key features of Al-takmeleya District is its excellent location. It is close to vital areas, commercial centers, and essential services. Residents have easy access to schools, universities, hospitals, shopping centers, restaurants, cafes, and other daily necessities.

In addition to its prime location, Al-takmeleya District features modern infrastructure and comprehensive facilities. It includes spacious green areas and recreational zones, providing a suitable environment for leisure and outdoor activities for residents.

We will now delve into the features of Al-takmeleya District in more detail, covering the following points:

Excellent location.
Internal division and construction conditions.
Prices and areas.
The Excellent Location of the South Suez Area:

The South Suez area is located in a prime location in New Cairo. It is an extension of the Beit Al Watan area and is characterized by its direct position on North 90th Street.

The South Suez area is connected to major road networks, including North 90th Street, Suez Road, Mohamed Bin Zayed Axis, and the Middle Ring Road.

The boundaries of the South Suez area are as follows:

To the north: Suez Road.
To the south: the second district of the Beit Al Watan area.
To the east: Mountain View compound.
To the west: North 90th Street.

The strategic location of the South Suez area is advantageous as it is only a few minutes away from Nasr City and Heliopolis. It is also close to the cities of the Suez Canal and a 10-minute drive from the New Administrative Capital.

This makes it an ideal choice for successful investment and comfortable living.

Internal Division and Construction Conditions for Al-takmeleya District.

Internal Division:
Al-takmeleya District South Suez, Fifth Settlement, has been meticulously planned and divided to meet the needs of residents and ensure an integrated and appealing living environment.

One of the notable features of Al-takmeleya District is the diverse range of available residential units. Each unit has been carefully designed to cater to different residents' needs and provide comfort and privacy. Whatever your requirements are, you will find a suitable unit in the supplementary area.

The area includes a variety of facilities and services that meet the residents' needs. These facilities comprise schools, hospitals, commercial areas, recreational centers, and green spaces. All these facilities are provided at a high standard with modern amenities to meet the residents' needs and facilitate their daily lives.

Al-takmeleya District is divided into four neighborhoods (A, B, C, D), each with its own service area and dedicated green spaces. Each project within these neighborhoods consists of a ground floor and three repeated floors.

Construction Conditions:
Similar to Beit Al Watan and North House areas, construction in Al-takmeleya District is limited to only 50% of the land's area. The building is divided into a basement floor (for services to residents), a ground floor, and three repeated floors.

Each floor is allowed to have only two units, with a loading ratio of 25%.

According to the construction conditions, the remaining spaces are utilized as service areas, facilities, and green spaces.

This allows residents to enjoy a lifestyle of recreation, comfort, tranquility, and privacy.

Prices and Sizes in South Suez Area

Al-takmeleya District- South Suez is distinguished by offering a diverse range of residential sizes that cater to the needs and preferences of residents. The sizes of residential units in the area range from average to large, providing various options for housing based on individual needs and family size.

The unit sizes range from 145 sqm to 160 sqm.

Prices vary depending on the size, location, and different features of the units. The Al-takmeleya District is characterized by diverse price ranges to accommodate different clients.

The average price per square meter is [13500].

In conclusion, Al-takmeleya District in Beit Al Watan offers an integrated and diverse living environment that meets the needs of residents and provides them with a comfortable life filled with essential facilities and services.

Whether you are looking for a home for your family or a promising real estate investment, the South Suez Al-takmeleya District offers you a variety of options in terms of sizes and prices, making it easier for you to choose the unit that suits your needs and budget.

Therefore, if you are seeking an opportunity to live in a modern and integrated residential environment, Al-takmeleya District will be your ideal choice.

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