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Most investors are directing their investments towards the New Narges District, as it is expected to achieve higher profitability. 

New Narges

New Narges District
About New Narges District
Most investors are directing their investments towards the New Narges District, as it is expected to achieve higher profitability. 
The New Narges District is characterized by its prime and distinguished location within New Cairo. Additionally, the district includes a diverse range of residential and commercial units with modern and comfortable designs, along with the availability of all necessary services and public facilities that make life more convenient and easy.
Features of the New Narges District:
The New Narges District is one of the most important areas in New Cairo, thanks to its features that attract investors and real estate developers to invest in the area. 
In this article, we will explain all the features of the New Narges District in detail.
We will address the features of the New Narges District in the following points:
-    Prime location.
-    Internal division and building regulations.
-    Prices and delivery dates.
Prime Location:
The New Narges District is located in the southern part of New Cairo, in the Fifth Settlement. It is one of the modern residential areas that is characterized by tranquility, safety, and luxury.
The district includes a diverse range of services and facilities that meet the needs of residents, in addition to numerous commercial and entertainment establishments. Thanks to its strategic location near business centers, schools, hospitals, and shopping malls, it attracts the attention of many investors and residents alike.

The New Narges District is surrounded by the following areas:

-    North:
Narges District buildings, Mountain View Square, South 90th Street, North 90th Street, the American University.
-    South:
"The Ain Sokhna-Hurghada Road," the ring road.
-    West:
Mohamed Naguib Axis leading to Suez Road, Rehab City.
-    East:
The German University, Fatma El-Sharbatly Mosque, West Arabella, the Third Settlement.

Internal Division and Building Ratio within the New Narges District in the Fifth Settlement:
The New Narges District is distinguished by its modern and comfortable architectural designs. The district includes several distinguished residential units, ranging from apartments to villas, as well as various service and recreational facilities such as international schools, shopping malls, parks, and gardens.
The internal division of the district features large green spaces and open areas, allowing residents to enjoy nature and fresh air. 
The New Narges district also includes a range of main and sub-roads that facilitate access to residential units and facilities.

The New Narges district provides various basic services such as electricity, water, and natural gas, in addition to 24-hour security and surveillance services to ensure the safety of residents. The area also offers diverse transportation options such as buses, metro, and taxis, making it easy to reach different locations in Greater Cairo.
The New Narges District is divided into several internal zones, including (A, B, C, D, E, F, G, X), and each project within these zones is divided into a ground floor + 3 repeated floors. The internal division of the units, along with the diversity of areas according to building regulations, ensures ease of choice.

Building Conditions:
Construction in the New Narges District is carried out according to the requirements of the New Cairo City Authority. 
The building area is limited to only 50% of the land area, with a ratio of 55% for the repeated floors. 
The building consists of a basement floor for services, ground floor, and 3 repeated floors. 
Each floor accommodates only two units, with a loading ratio of 25%. This ensures the presence of sufficient distance between buildings, providing privacy and tranquility for the residents of the New Narges District.
To achieve a luxurious living equation for the district's residents, the neighborhoods in the New Narges District have been designed to suit individuals seeking a luxurious lifestyle away from congestion and the randomness of certain areas.

To create a well-integrated community within the district, ample space has been dedicated to natural landscapes, green areas, and water features.

Prices and Areas:
The New Narges District occupies an area of 230 acres within the New Cairo City, making it one of the largest areas in the city.
Unit areas start from [insert minimum area] square meters and go up to [insert maximum area] square meters.
The average price per square meter in the New Narges District is [insert price] Egyptian pounds.
In summary, the New Narges District has been designed to meet customers' needs and fulfill their desires to live in a safe and comfortable environment. 
It boasts a prime geographical location in the heart of the Fifth Settlement and offers numerous public facilities, commercial services, and recreational amenities to cater to the residents' needs. 
With its unique and suitable interior design for various lifestyles, the urban planning of the area showcases distinctiveness and diversity. 
The New Narges District is an ideal destination for living and investing in Egypt and will remain a perfect choice for the future.

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